Location is Knowledge

Our office is based along the Texas Gulf Coast Area Near Beaumont.  This is home to one of the largest ports, The Port of Port Arthur.  We are within a few hours drive to many of  largest industrial parks in the US being Houston, Channelview, Pasadena, Deer Park, Lake Charles and Sulphur.

Our staff is constantly on the ground and staying up to date on projects, governments and markets.  This helps our customers stay ahead of the competition.


T&L Solutions LLC have long standing relationships with owners and qualified in many areas of industrial construction. 



Safety plays a major roll in the construction industry.  T&L Solutions can assist in safety plan implementation and safety personnel locating services.  IS Networld and Pics auditing services available as well.


Consulting Professionals

Mission Statement

Construction plays a major role in the lives of every individual in the world.  It is our goal to make positive contributions to improving the quality of life now and for future generations.  

Offering over 40 years experience in the construction industry.  T&L solutions, LLC offers the advantage of experience and dependability to companies struggling or simply wanting to expand.


Contractor Consulting Services:

  • Pre-Qualification Packages
  • Safety Programs
  • Project Contacts
  • Locating Qualified Personnel
  • Equipment Locating
  • Material Locating
  • Logistics of Personnel and Equipment

Owner Consulting Services:

  • Contractor Qualifications
  • Specialty Contractors
  • Safety Professionals
  • Equipment Locating
  • Logistics of Personnel and Equipment

Other services available upon request.